Crash Data

What is Crash Data Retrieval?

The Australian Automobile Association, report that there are some 600 000 road accidents a year in Australia costing the economy in the region of $27 billion annually of this 27% is attributed to vehicle repair and 11% to insurance administration and legal fees. Additionally of millions is paid in compulsory third party injury and long-care claims.
Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) relies upon an instrument installed in most passenger cars, 4wd's, and trucks called anevent data recorder (EDR). By using Crash Data Retrieval you can:

  • Obtain pre-crash and crash data from vehicles
  • Obtain crash severity data
  • Develop a more accurate and detailed assessment of speed analysis/crash
  • Obtain accurate data for collision reconstruction
  • Make determinations if certain crash scenarios are possible
  • Make rapid decisions on potentially fraudulent claims
  • Quickly make accurate, defensible determinations where liability is questioned
  • Determine contributory negligence